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🧖 Wellness :: Ihre Fasssauna im Garten - Waldbaden, Saunieren, Dampfdusche und Hotpod
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Barrel sauna in the garden

A sauna (Finnish sauna; also called a sweat room or Finnish bath) is a room that is heated to 80 to 105 degrees Celsius using a sauna heater. The sweat bath in the sauna can promote health and relaxation.

And don't forget, 24. September it's International Sauna Day

Sauna Sauna

Why should you go to the sauna?

Strengthening the immune system: The temperature change between hot and cold has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system. In addition, inflammatory processes in the body are reduced and the improved immune system reduces the risk of contracting infections.

Stimulating the circulatory system: Regular sauna use can train the cardiovascular system, which means that the body can be better supplied with oxygen.

Strengthening your breathing: Your respiratory organs also benefit from the temperature changes. The heat improves your ability to breathe deeply, allowing your lungs to take in more air over time.

Muscles relax: After the first sauna session you will notice how the muscles in your body have relaxed significantly. This relaxation of the body is then quickly transferred to the mind.

More well-being through happiness hormones: During the sauna process, happiness hormones such as serotonin and endorphins are released by the body. These lead to states of happiness and euphoria.

Improving sleep: The hormone serotonin, which is released more frequently when taking a sauna, has a sleep-promoting effect.

Tips for the perfect sauna experience

(1) Before going to the sauna: Take a warm foot bath before going to the sauna. This dilates the blood vessels and contributes to better sweating

(2) Sauna session: The sauna session itself usually lasts 8-15 minutes. In any case, you should listen to your body and leave the sauna as soon as it no longer feels comfortable. However, if you overdo it, you will certainly not achieve any relaxation effect.

(3) After the sauna session: Get some air, shower, relax

  • After going to the sauna, exercise, preferably in the fresh air. This gets the circulation going!
  • This is followed by a cold shower: slowly, not too suddenly!
  • This is followed by a rest phase of 20 to 30 minutes to relax. This can then be done, for example, in the whirlpool or a sun lounger, before up to two more sauna sessions follow.
  • Don't forget to drink!

    You should drink enough fluids before and after visiting the sauna, as sweating causes your body to lose fluids and important minerals. It's best to take mineral water with a hydrogen carbonate content of at least 1000 mg per liter, or an apple spritzer.

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